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Why the Five Star Equities?

At Five Star Equities we provide a service that your broker cannot: informing you of small-cap companies with great potential. Small-Cap stocks are companies that typically have a small market capitalization, usually a cap within $20 - $100 million. There are two reasons why some of the most undervalued companies in the world are not made available to your broker.

  1. First, federal and state securities laws keep brokers from offering you some of their most valued information. Certain companies (most of which are small-cap) do not register with the SEC and state securities commission due to the expensive cost that would cripple their company. Therefore, brokers are unable to mention these companies even though --they may be some of the most undervalued companies in the world.
  2. The second reason why these companies are not mentioned by your broker is because it’s not worth your broker’s time. There is no upside for your broker to draw your attention to these small-cap companies. Most brokerage firms supply their brokers with a list of stocks to tout. It is known that most brokerage firms make their money off of commissions and underwriting fees, and therefore they have no reason to recommend these small-cap stocks that do not provide enough volume or recognition to provide either.

This is where Five Star Equities fills the gap between your current coverage and reality. Unlike your broker, we are able to discuss these small-cap companies and inform our follower on which companies we believe have an exponential upside. Keep in mind we offer this service free of charge, all we ask is you sign up for a membership by clicking here.